NWDAP launches new organic guidelines

Certified organic and want to know more about successfully managing wild dogs?

The National Wild Dog Action Plan has just launched new guidelines on the PestSmart website to help organic producers conduct baiting programs without risking their business’ organic status or their access to the US’ National Organic Program.

National Wild Dog Management Coordinator Greg Mifsud said the new resource walks producers through an easy-to-follow checklist of what they must do to successfully implement control strategies using 1080 with the support of their organic certifier.

“We want to help organic land managers have access to as many control tools as possible to ensure their animals’ welfare and to improve profitability of their businesses,” he said.

Mark Gower, General Manager of the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia and its subsidiary certification company NASAA Certified Organic, expressed his support.

“NASAA is already working with producers, helping them to use 1080 in a safe, responsible and ethical way that safeguards their USDA certification,” he said.

“We all want the organic industry to grow and part of achieving this is to support our producers to responsibly manage wild dogs to minimise their impacts on stock.”