NWDAP national landholder survey seeks feedback

A national landholder survey to be undertaken this month aims to generate useful data from across the country to inform landholder needs, the National Wild Dog Action Plan and ongoing engagement and coordination. 

To run from August 15, the 2022 National Wild Dog Landholder Survey aims to gauge the impacts of community based wild dog control programs, support landholder productivity and inform engagement activities.

The information provided in the survey may be collated at the local, regional and/or state level to identify the scale of wild dog impacts and benefits of control as part of the reporting requirements for the National Wild Dog Action Plan.

National Wild Dog Management Coordinator Greg Mifsud said survey feedback would provide a base for ongoing support in wild dog management through extension, control and ongoing funding.

“We will be able to tailor and target what land managers need in their area based on the responses,” Mr Mifsud said. 

“If we have a better understanding of issues in your local area, then we can tailor our ongoing support to manage those concerns and knowledge gaps.

“The survey also seeks to find out what other vertebrate pests landholders are dealing with in order to look at ways we can develop integrated management programs tailored for multiple species at a time.”

Mr Mifsud said the survey recognised there was a gap in the information of how community group wild dog baiting and control programs were tracking post-funding. 

Individual names or property information gathered through this survey will remain confidential and will not be shared publicly. To access the survey link click here.

To watch a case study of a state based wild dog community program click here.