An environmentally responsible option for invasive species control

Australia has some of the most unusual native wildlife and biodiversity in the world.

However, across Australia, introduced species are decimating our native wildlife and ecosystems through predation, habitat destruction, competition for resources and disease.

The long list of victims includes unique marsupials such as quolls, bilbies, koalas, wombats and wallabies, as well as ground-dwelling birds, snakes and reptiles.

Our native animals and landscape deserve our protection … nature may have a solution!

Sodium fluoracetate is a naturally-occurring toxin found in more than 30 species of native Australian plants.

It is is safe in the environment, as it dilutes into harmless compounds in water and gets eaten by the bacteria in soil.

Many of Australia’s native wildlife have a natural tolerance to sodium fluoroacetate, unlike introduced species.

That is why sodium fluoroacetate is used for invasive species control and is considered the most environmentally responsible option currently available to protect Australia’s native environment from decimation by introduced species.

The sodium fluroacetate ‘1080’ toxin is approved for use through the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA). Its use is regulated through each state and territory and varying restrictions apply.